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Weigh Down Ministries
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A longtime resident of Tennessee, Gwen Shamblin founded and has served as pastor at Remnant Fellowship Church for nearly two decades. Concurrent with this role, Gwen Shamblin has maintained directing, writing, and producing responsibilities at Weigh Down Ministries.

Since its inception more than three decades ago, Weigh Down Ministries has strived to help individuals make the permanent changes that will help them lose weight. Taking a faith-based approach to weight maintenance, the organization offers solutions that differ from traditional diets.

Those who participate in the Weigh Down program have the unique opportunity to find the root of their overeating tendencies. Throughout their educational experience, these individuals will discover that these habits stem from a void that they have been attempting to fill not with God, but with food. This philosophy permeates the entire Weigh Down program, teaching participants how to shift away from this “lustful” way of eating and towards the more natural act of using food only as a means of sustenance and controlling hunger.

All Weigh Down Ministries material, from live webcasts to reading matter, supports participants through their weight loss journey. In addition, individuals who have found success after joining the program frequently provide counseling sessions to current participants to further encourage their progress and help them reach their weight loss goals.