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Weigh Down Ministries
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A longtime resident of Tennessee, Gwen Shamblin founded and has served as pastor at Remnant Fellowship Church for nearly two decades. Concurrent with this role, Gwen Shamblin has maintained directing, writing, and producing responsibilities at Weigh Down Ministries.

Since its inception more than three decades ago, Weigh Down Ministries has strived to help individuals make the permanent changes that will help them lose weight. Taking a faith-based approach to weight maintenance, the organization offers solutions that differ from traditional diets.

Those who participate in the Weigh Down program have the unique opportunity to find the root of their overeating tendencies. Throughout their educational experience, these individuals will discover that these habits stem from a void that they have been attempting to fill not with God, but with food. This philosophy permeates the entire Weigh Down program, teaching participants how to shift away from this “lustful” way of eating and towards the more natural act of using food only as a means of sustenance and controlling hunger.

All Weigh Down Ministries material, from live webcasts to reading matter, supports participants through their weight loss journey. In addition, individuals who have found success after joining the program frequently provide counseling sessions to current participants to further encourage their progress and help them reach their weight loss goals.


The Most Common Symptoms of Anorexia besides Weight Loss




As the founder of Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, Gwen Shamblin has provided counseling to thousands of people, helping them overcome depression, smoking, and other issues. She does this by taking the biblical principles she espouses and setting a good example to others by putting them into practice herself. Gwen Shamblin has also counseled people struggling with anorexia in her efforts to serve others.

Those with the condition are often afraid to confront it themselves and may mask the weight loss that comes with it. The people around them can help them face the condition by spotting the other common symptoms of anorexia and lending their support.

Fatigue is common in those with anorexia, particularly as the condition often leads to insomnia. This tiredness will often be accompanied by dizzy spells or even fainting. In addition to these physical symptoms, you can look for changes in behavior. For example, take note if somebody you know has started counting calories to an excessive degree, particularly if that person does not need to shed any pounds. Skipping meals and failing to finish food are also common signs that somebody may be struggling with anorexia.

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Volume II of The History of the Love of God

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The History of the Love of God, Volume II
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A former instructor of foods and nutrition at the University of Memphis, Gwen Shamblin founded the Weigh Down Workshop and Remnant Fellowship Church. Alongside her nutrition and spiritual work, Gwen Shamblin has shared her experience and knowledge through several books such as The History of the Love of God.

Published in 2015, The History of the Love of God, Volume II: A Love More Ancient Than Time offers an in-depth approach to helping people experience God’s love. The book focuses on receiving that love and developing a relationship with the Father and then going out to love your neighbor as yourself, all with a basis in Scripture.

During the pre-release of this second volume of The History of the Love of God, Mrs. Shamblin received numerous calls testifying to the power of her book to change hearts and lives. Now a webpage exists to hold the countless personal testimonies from all those who have come to a deeper understanding of God’s love for them through reading this work.

For more information about the book or to purchase a copy, visit www.gwenshamblinbooks.com.