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The Ministries of Remnant Fellowship Church


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Remnant Fellowship Church

Gwen Shamblin founded the nonprofit Weigh Down Ministry in 1986, and has since overseen the creation of its written and filmed content. In 1999, Gwen Shamblin and her husband, David, acquired 40 acres of land in Brentwood, Tennessee, that they donated in their effort to establish the Remnant Fellowship Church.

Following the teachings of the Bible, Remnant Fellowship Church helps guide its members through difficult life situations such as depression and divorce by aiding them in their search for a renewed life purpose. In order to support them on this journey, the church hosts a number of ministries, such as the following:

The congregation at Remnant Fellowship Church helps fulfill the physical needs of its members in a variety of ways. Whether someone needs assistance with meal preparation or moving house, the church can dispatch others to aid them. The church also provides physical needs services through such outlets as Handyman Construction Services and its Financial Guidance program.

Remnant Fellowship Church also welcomes its congregation to celebrate the message of God through its music ministry. Members are welcome to participate in the Praise Band, which regularly puts on concerts for the community. Singers may also participate in the music ministry through the church choir, where they will join others for rehearsals and performances on a weekly basis.

Through its spiritual ministry, Remnant Fellowship Church helps its members overcome the difficulties they face by providing access to guidance and visitation services. In addition to its numerous web-based resources, the church boasts a network of individuals who will meet with those in need and provide counsel to assist them in leading more faithful lives.