Remnant Fellowship Community Leaders

Gwen Shamblin

Gwen Shamblin

With degrees in biochemistry and nutrition from the University of Tennessee, Gwen Shamblin created a weight loss philosophy that integrates spirituality called the Weigh Down diet. She went on to become a New York Times bestselling author with her book, The Weigh Down Diet. In addition, Gwen Shamblin founded the Remnant Fellowship Church, headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. With locations across the US, the church’s leadership has grown through people who have benefited from her teachings.

The leadership in Remnant Fellowship Church is full of strong marriages and beautiful families. One such couple is Brandon and Elizabeth Hannah, son-in-law and daughter of Gwen Shamblin. Parents to four children, Brandon and Elizabeth help lead the church’s youth group that meet on Saturday nights for fellowship and talk about their faith.

David and Jennifer Martin are two of the founding members of the Remnant Fellowship Church, and through that connection, improved their marriage, their finances, and their relationships with their five children. David and Jennifer also live in Brentwood to be close to the church.

Tedd and Candace Anger, originally from New York City, became leaders with Remnant Fellowship in 2001. They began to visit the Nashville church location after having gone through the church’s faith based weight loss program, Weigh Down, and their commitment to the Church community increased. In 2002 they moved to Brentwood to be close to the main church location. Tedd now serves in many capacities in the Church, as does Candace, both of whom are regular cohosts on Remnant Fellowship TV’s “You Can Overcome” show.

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Wedding Ideas from Remnant Fellowship’s Images

Remnant Fellowship pic

Remnant Fellowship

The founder of Weigh Down Ministries, Gwen Shamblin has published over 12 books and other publications on topics such as addictions and weight loss. Through her leadership of Remnant Fellowship Church, Gwen Shamblin has counseled couples, resulting in numerous successful marriages, as documented by The Weddings of Remnant Fellowship website.

As you prepare for your wedding day, it can help to view a variety of ideas from other weddings to help you make choices that will bring everything together into the beautiful experience you desire. The website of The Weddings of Remnant Fellowship includes countless images to help you form preferences for your own wedding.

You can view images by season, with options for spring, summer, fall, and winter weddings, or by color themes. Other photos include ideas for dresses and hairstyles, wedding cakes, flowers, and receptions. You can also find a diverse range of sample wedding invitations.

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Gwen Shamblin

Remnant Fellowship’s Unique Wedding Ceremonies

Gwen Shamblin, the author of the best-selling Weigh Down Diet, is also the founder of the Remnant Fellowship Church, where she teaches the principles of the Bible to help people with addictions, weight loss, marriage counseling, and other life problems. Gwen Shamblin also serves as the volunteer wedding director for the Remnant’s wedding services, which are held on the 40 acres of Brentwood, Tennessee, land donated by her and her husband David.

The weddings at the Remnant Fellowship are put together by a team of volunteers in accordance with the bride’s wishes and feature the ideal colors for the wedding date’s season. Remnant Fellowship is a community of people who love God above all and these weddings are a celebration of the couple and an affirmation of their faith and devotion to Him and one another.

Remnant Covenant weddings, which are only offered to the church’s membership, include certain unique rituals for the couple and the church community. Bride and groom write their own “vows of commitment,” which they read to each other during the ceremony. They also sign a document of commitment to each other, and those in attendance pledge a “vow of accountability” wherein they promise to support the couple in their devotion to their faith first, and then in their relationship with each other. To date, Remnant has hosted over 120 wedding ceremonies.

Remnant Fellowship Church pic

The Ministries of Remnant Fellowship Church


Remnant Fellowship Church pic

Remnant Fellowship Church

Gwen Shamblin founded the nonprofit Weigh Down Ministry in 1986, and has since overseen the creation of its written and filmed content. In 1999, Gwen Shamblin and her husband, David, acquired 40 acres of land in Brentwood, Tennessee, that they donated in their effort to establish the Remnant Fellowship Church.

Following the teachings of the Bible, Remnant Fellowship Church helps guide its members through difficult life situations such as depression and divorce by aiding them in their search for a renewed life purpose. In order to support them on this journey, the church hosts a number of ministries, such as the following:

The congregation at Remnant Fellowship Church helps fulfill the physical needs of its members in a variety of ways. Whether someone needs assistance with meal preparation or moving house, the church can dispatch others to aid them. The church also provides physical needs services through such outlets as Handyman Construction Services and its Financial Guidance program.

Remnant Fellowship Church also welcomes its congregation to celebrate the message of God through its music ministry. Members are welcome to participate in the Praise Band, which regularly puts on concerts for the community. Singers may also participate in the music ministry through the church choir, where they will join others for rehearsals and performances on a weekly basis.

Through its spiritual ministry, Remnant Fellowship Church helps its members overcome the difficulties they face by providing access to guidance and visitation services. In addition to its numerous web-based resources, the church boasts a network of individuals who will meet with those in need and provide counsel to assist them in leading more faithful lives.

The History of the Love of God, Volume II pic

Volume II of The History of the Love of God

The History of the Love of God, Volume II pic

The History of the Love of God, Volume II

A former instructor of foods and nutrition at the University of Memphis, Gwen Shamblin founded the Weigh Down Workshop and Remnant Fellowship Church. Alongside her nutrition and spiritual work, Gwen Shamblin has shared her experience and knowledge through several books such as The History of the Love of God.

Published in 2015, The History of the Love of God, Volume II: A Love More Ancient Than Time offers an in-depth approach to helping people experience God’s love. The book focuses on receiving that love and developing a relationship with the Father and then going out to love your neighbor as yourself, all with a basis in Scripture.

During the pre-release of this second volume of The History of the Love of God, Mrs. Shamblin received numerous calls testifying to the power of her book to change hearts and lives. Now a webpage exists to hold the countless personal testimonies from all those who have come to a deeper understanding of God’s love for them through reading this work.

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