The Role of Social Media for Churches

Remnant Fellowship Church pic

Remnant Fellowship Church

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Gwen Shamblin founded Weigh Down Ministries just a few hours away in Franklin, Tennessee. Less than ten miles from Franklin is the Remnant Fellowship Church, which Gwen Shamblin was also instrumental in establishing. Remnant Fellowship utilizes a wide array of media channels in its outreach efforts, including television, radio, and social media.

While some religious organizations were quick to adopt media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, others have hesitated or are using them ineffectively. As with any ministry’s outreach efforts, social media requires a strategy, personnel, support, and measurable goals. There are several key factors to consider in order to engage current church members and attract new ones through social media.

First, it’s important to understand each networking service, the content it includes, and the audience that follows it. Facebook and Instagram are very different platforms, each having its advantages. Secondly, integrate your social media messages with existing communications, mentioning Facebook pages in regular church bulletins, for example. This includes monitoring networks for feedback and comments and always responding in a timely manner. Finally, have clear and measurable goals in order to determine if your efforts are successful.