Wedding Ideas from Remnant Fellowship’s Images

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The founder of Weigh Down Ministries, Gwen Shamblin has published over 12 books and other publications on topics such as addictions and weight loss. Through her leadership of Remnant Fellowship Church, Gwen Shamblin has counseled couples, resulting in numerous successful marriages, as documented by The Weddings of Remnant Fellowship website.

As you prepare for your wedding day, it can help to view a variety of ideas from other weddings to help you make choices that will bring everything together into the beautiful experience you desire. The website of The Weddings of Remnant Fellowship includes countless images to help you form preferences for your own wedding.

You can view images by season, with options for spring, summer, fall, and winter weddings, or by color themes. Other photos include ideas for dresses and hairstyles, wedding cakes, flowers, and receptions. You can also find a diverse range of sample wedding invitations.

To view these images and a portfolio of the over 120 weddings that have been offered by Remnant Fellowship Covenant Weddings, visit